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Package internal

import "net/http/internal"

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Package internal contains HTTP internals shared by net/http and net/http/httputil.


var ErrLineTooLong = errors.New("header line too long")

func NewChunkedReader

func NewChunkedReader(r io.Reader) io.Reader

NewChunkedReader returns a new chunkedReader that translates the data read from r out of HTTP "chunked" format before returning it. The chunkedReader returns io.EOF when the final 0-length chunk is read.

NewChunkedReader is not needed by normal applications. The http package automatically decodes chunking when reading response bodies.

func NewChunkedWriter

func NewChunkedWriter(w io.Writer) io.WriteCloser

NewChunkedWriter returns a new chunkedWriter that translates writes into HTTP "chunked" format before writing them to w. Closing the returned chunkedWriter sends the final 0-length chunk that marks the end of the stream.

NewChunkedWriter is not needed by normal applications. The http package adds chunking automatically if handlers don't set a Content-Length header. Using newChunkedWriter inside a handler would result in double chunking or chunking with a Content-Length length, both of which are wrong.